When You Say You Love Me (Lyrics) – JOSH GROBAN


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Joshua Winslow “Josh” Groban (born February 27, 1981) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer. His first four solo albums have been certified multi-platinum, and in 2007, he was charted as the number-one best selling artist in the United States with over 21 million records in the nation. To date, he has sold over 25 million records worldwide
Groban originally studied acting, but moved to singing as his voice developed. Groban attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, a free public school on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles, where students receive a conservatory-style education. His life changed when his vocal coach, Seth Riggs, submitted a tape of Josh singing, “All I Ask of You,” from The Phantom of the Opera, to Riggs’ friend, producer, composer and arranger David Foster. Foster called him to stand in for an ailing Andrea Bocelli to rehearse a duet, “The Prayer,” with Celine Dion at the rehearsal for the Grammy Awards in 1998. Rosie O’Donnell immediately invited him to appear on her talk show. Foster asked him to sing at the California Governor’s Gray Davis’ 1999 inauguration. He was cast on Ally McBeal by the show’s creator, David E. Kelley, performing “You’re Still You” for the 2001 season finale.
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  1. Matt, do you sing this to whom ever you are with? I am sure you do … maybe one day you will mean it to her , you certainly did not mean it when you said this was our song … you never felt this before !! Oh how you convinced me that you meant it…. I am sure you say the same to her …. I only hope that maybe one day , you can be truthful and realize how someone treats you and how cruel it is to say you love someone so much and then crush her . This song once ment the world to me ,until. I seen the real you .. have a laugh over this … I hope you feel really happy that you can be so hateful !!! I am sure you do , I am happy that you can accomplish something in your life… one day you will realize what you had and how you threw it away like a price of garbage and you will always look for what you once had that you never deserved … one day

  2. When "MyDoll" says it to me, it makes me the happiest woman in the world! His Love is the ONLY Love that makes "My "Heart Smile!'💝!

  3. Wow. What a beautiful voice. Such power. Certainly hits your heart strings. Voice of an angel. Butterflies in my stomach when I hear josh sing. Fantastic! 👍👍🙏

  4. Please meet me at the gazebo with the bear sculpture near the bride you know the one 12pm please I love you.

  5. Fell..for the voice…,falling deeper deeper again……,wanting…to hear the echoing..voice …again..again..again..endlessly ….@Love

  6. … When you say you love me the world goes silent. .. How far have we come.?. A long weaving pathway.. .. We have!!.. I love you ….forever..💞💖💗💖💜

  7. When you say you love me the world goes still. In that moment I know why I am alive. Do you know I love you too? Xxx

  8. My mom died 4 days ago after a 23 year battle with cancer, we loved Josh groban. I'm so concerned that I'm forgetting her though, nothing in the house is making me cry, none if her stuff, no songs. I don't wanna forget her

  9. Wow first time I ever played this song I love to learn it cause I love to sing this walking down the alter when I get married in February the 14

  10. For reals Nicholas I Honestly do Love Very Very Deeply, that at times I feel as if you personally have created my soul…

  11. All I want to hear is how you feel about me…this is the most precious gift anyone can give you. When I say I love you how do I make you feel? Tell me baby


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