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Slavoj Žižek asks: are we really free to live our lives as we want?
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We might think so, but the philosopher argues that our apparent freedom is actually governed by a complex series of conditions.
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For Slavoj Žižek, a ‘pathetic, old romantic’, the highest form of freedom is in fact love.
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  1. If government keeps growing it's power and then allows to be corrupted by the lobbyists of course we wouldn't be free. Libertarians advocate for minimum powers to the government. Then there's no lobbyists that can control our lives.

  2. The edit distracted me a bit. The thoughts were interesting enough imo! Just let the man talk and film that, either way thanks for sharing!

  3. These images often have nothing to do with what he's saying. It's as if they were chosen by someone who is misunderstanding everything he's saying. Very distracting. I had to shut my eyes to listen to him.

  4. what is freedom…it's nothing but relative, who is to decide what is false or true freedom for me…unless he is either the architect of me or freedom or both.

  5. So j peterson thinks the same "its not posible realization witout a compromise " not posible freedom without fall in love and surrender to the other
    Taking responsabilility is the only freedom the other choise is the one of peter pan the eternal adolecescence. In wich is omly posible the developement of consumerism in the way the sistem conduces us the forever need of some thing that can not be satisfied ..
    When you surrender to love and so to responsability your anxiety declines and your true self express in gratitude not in greif for what you dont have because you have chose your path your freedom then is complete …
    Interesting proposition so theres no diference between totalitarian and democratic regimes in by themselfs as a perception of happynes or a proyection of self developement .
    As always the answers are inside us not in the conditioning of the enviroment .
    Nevertheless in the other hand we can only teorizate about theese matters from a occidental and democratic capitalist presumption..
    Eurocentrist as zizek says.

  6. I think like him too in a large part because of the cultural fascination w his et al.’s provoking ideas yet know that w all he says that I am free, please move out of my way you are blocking the sun Zizek.

  7. According to this video, you are not truly free until you start to question what he just said, so, at this very moment, are you free or not

  8. It's amazing that the guardian wouldn't invite a Nazi to talk without their justifying the previous actions of their beliefs. Yet they invite a Communist without even mentioning the tens of millions of dead that he dances on with this sort of media.

  9. Ironically Zizek advocates for tyranny while talking about the idea of "freedom" when freedom in an ideal and material sense doesn't actually exist. He talks about non transparent government functioning, the "free flow" of information and trade. Globalizing markets and government autonomy is the exact opposite of freedom.

  10. Lets pintpoint every word or sentences that we think is mostly important here. Like and epileptic boy with seizure. Whoever made this captions, please, reconsider that your graphical design degree was a scam from the University.


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