They were together ‘til the end | Clip: My Love, Don’t Cross that River


Guaranteed to cry.

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About “My Love, Don’t Cross that River” (님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오)
This poignant documentary – a surprise box office hit – follows the day to day lives of Byeong-man & Kye-yeol, a couple in their 90s who lived together in a remote cabin in the Gangwon mountains. As the days go on, they must deal with the progression of aging as Byeong-man gets sick.

Jin Mo-young 진모영

Jo Byeong-man
Kang Kye-yeol

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  1. So you will be prepared – this is a documentary of an actual couple that follows them to the end of their 76 year marriage – it is a beautiful movie but very heartbreaking, almost painful to watch. Don't think I can bare to watch it again

  2. Every long term married couples fear….leaving the one you love to face death alone..this was beautiful, the end where she just pours her fears and worries and also still trying to make sure he’s taking care of himself….broke me to fucking pieces…


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