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Pokemon Revolution Online – How To Get HM Flash! Today in Pokemon Revolution Online I show you guys how to get HM Flash! HM flash is a hidden machine that helps Pokemon light up dark areas in Pokemon Revolution Online! Join me and play some Pokemon Revolution Online today!

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Pokemon Go, Pokemon Planet, Pixelmon, Pokemon Rom Hacks, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Nuzlocke! That is just a bit of the videos that i do here daily! Every day I work super hard to create awesome content that I hope my fans and new comers will enjoy! With Pokemon Go out and Pokemon Sun and Moon on the way, this is going to be a super exciting year on my channel!


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  1. I'm that Thelittleboy50 guy. I got banned for hacking into someone's acc and stealing his pokemon. Try logging on to my acc. My password is Neymar12 and the guys password and usename is 456123

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