How to Replace a Dell Inspiron 14 and 15 Hard Drive and Memory

This video tutorial show you how to completely replace a Dell Inspiron 14 and Inspiron 15 hard drive and memory.

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37 thoughts on “How to Replace a Dell Inspiron 14 and 15 Hard Drive and Memory

  1. fredrik payedar says:

    In general will windows and all your information follow when you take a harddiskdrive and put it on another computer?

  2. Rocky Rosario says:

    Nice video, but I have a question. I'm looking to do my own repairs on my Dell lap but Ive been told that you have to ground yourself before this operation and I didn't see any of that. Is grounding crucial to this process?

  3. Ashley Arredondo says:

    Hi! Great video someone gave me a used laptop but with no actual hard for my Inspiron 14 do you know exactly like a store i can buy them?

  4. Alex Hise says:

    My Inspiron 14 says 41171/SSDPPI/2015 then under its 5100 but the service tag says: bphnqj2 which says it's a dell 3452 so how do I know what to get parts for

  5. IIKHALAII says:

    if you accidently locked the hard drive before making an admin pass word will wiping the data from the computer remove the password

  6. President Donald says:

    Thank you!! Now I know you can replace the hard drive on that PC☺ I thought the hard drive was part of the motherboard.

  7. Said Yunusov says:

    I want change hard drive on Dell 14 3000 , but i cant find hard drive connector, please can you show me hard drive connecor

  8. Lee Sires says:

    Where is the recovery clip ?

    If you don't have the windows operating system boot disk do you have to order it from Dell? Thanks!

  9. JR Namida says:

    I did not open the case just presumed the memory and hard drive were soldered to motherboard like all of the recent systems are made cheaper but non upgradable. Thank you for posting this video…

  10. Cheryl says:

    I wish I had a dad like you when I was growing up. Teaching your daughter something by actually having her do it is the best way to learn. The more self- sufficient she is, the better choices she'll make in life. You are so patient and encouraging with her. She will go far, and as a parent, you rock!

  11. Felicia Moore says:

    the cable that you are pulling away from the hard drive I dont have it so how do I connect my hard drive I will show you pictuers

  12. Phly_ High_ Phil says:

    Might as well also teach them how to replace Thermal Compound (thermal paste) and/or Thermal Pads along with the different types.

    I'm a firm believer in replacing thermal compound on any device with a Heat Sync and as soon as it's purchased. Partly because the manufacturer are usually very sloppy during the application the Thermal Compound and use excessive amounts

  13. wcdeich4 says:

    Mine does not look like that on the inside. It came with a SSD, but only 32GB. I opened it up & it has an empty spot that says "HDD" abut I can't find any SATA connector to disconnect the tiny SSD and replace it w/ any other drive.

  14. Miguel Solano says:

    I change my memory too and when I started the laptop it made a beeping noise
    What does that mean ?

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