How to Repair a DEAD Computer


In this video, I have an HP computer that will not boot-up. Watch as I explain the diagnostic process and repair this computer in a ‘live on camera’ style. I hope to not only show you how easy it is, but also have you laugh a little along the way.

Original How to Repair a DEAD Computer (Feb 2012):

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  1. Elementary Watson, elementary. Wonderful job, wonderful method! Thanks for taking the time to make an outstanding tutorial. -RM

  2. Laptop motherboards and parts are not universal as much as desktop pc's simple, just like mobile fones, only a few minor upgradable parts can be interchanged.

  3. Oh my God you are freaking amazing that computers could you make me one😔 lol…. and I'm thinking of starting to agree with you about the HP computer I just sent my HP Omen what I paid was over to 2200 for it and it's already got problems. Thank God it was still under warranty

  4. Most times when my 12 year old self built PC has failed on me it's been RAM related. However, my ram isn't always faulty and taking the ram out, clearing dust off it and reseating it fixes it. Once it failed due to a faulty DVD drive cable which burnt. Neither MB or DVD drive was actually broken and both still work fine.
    It owes me nothing, I've upgraded to SSD and better graphics cards so it still plays games and runs quick enough but every now and then (about once/twice a year) it'll fail to boot. The most recent problem was a boot loop caused by having a webcam connected. As soon as I disconnected that it booted fine!
    If I plug the web cam in after boot it still works and the webcam works too!
    Whether it thinks it's a USB boot device and won't start up I don't know but even in the bios my keyboard is very unresponsive with the webcam attached, works perfectly with it removed. The webcam worked fine until I recently put it in a USB extension cable but even when I remove that the issue remains. It hangs in the checking memory and SATA AHCI bios depending on which USB slot it's plugged into. Things like this suggest it's getting closer to the end of it's life. The PSU and MB have certainly proven themselves.

  5. I couldn't agree more with everything u have said here. Same philosophy and troubleshooting at my shop u do. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Omg i no joke have a hp Pavillion m7750n literally in my pc area mine was with 2gb or ram but I upgraded it to 5 gb and threw in a gt 710 2gb gddr5 gpu in and it was a little bit slow but it worked until I got a dell optiplex 960 mt and now I have 6gb of ddr2 ram the same 710 e8400 but I am getting a old hand me down optiplex 980 mt with a i5 750 12gb ddr3 gt 610 1gb with a nice 1tb hdd bc I have 1 tb total of storage now

  7. What if you realize that it was the socket that was the issue and not the ram stick, after snapping it in half? LOL

  8. Sir you’re the first person who had me understand wtf I needed to understand (sorry bout the word) and you made me really understand about pc’s and how to self diagnose things

  9. I've just spend the past 37 minutes watching someone diagnose and repair a computer – and it was fascinating, informative and entertaining. Your life lesson towards the end of the video, about helping one another is especially apt. You've inspired me to take a look at an old Novatech computer that's sitting in my cupboard and see if I can get that working again. Thanks.

  10. Just loved hearing about your thinking process. Many thanks. The spooky thing is how did google predict I would enjoy it and show me this at random?

  11. A great computer expert and a very good educator at that, very eloquent. Many of the computer experts in youtube tend to be too loud, and let me add this, the electronic or generic music they add to their videos tends to make me cringe at times.

  12. the pc in the screen from dell i have the same pc i hate hp too but u now just build and i have an pc whit an amd radeon r9 270 and an intel core 2dou e7200 it works really nice

  13. Thanks so much bro my pc was broken for 3 years and i decided to not fix it and now i see this video and i found that the graphics card was dead and the pc is running nice

  14. i used to do repairs like this, now all i do is pads and iphones, much prefer it to working on slow crappy hp's

  15. You explained everything openly, honestly. You did not use jargon. This is one of the best explanation videos I have seen. Thank you for being so open about your knowledge.

  16. The first few seconds of this video is very funny and shows a huge amount of hatred towards HP computers. In my opinion, they look stupid as well as how they work.


    HP = Horrible Products

    HP computers causes chaos and disruption, and that they don't last very long.

  18. I think my favorite repair was someone calling me about their dumb terminal not connecting to the system. I ask them if it was plug up and they said yes and they doubled checked it. After a few minutes of asking them question, they ask me if both ends of the cable needed to be plugged in.

  19. Here's one thing MOST people don't take into consideration when they have a dead pc… The cost of repairing an old, dead pc compared to just replacing the PC with a new modern PC.
    Many times I run into my clients and they have a dead PC, for whatever reason, but I look at the PC and it's like 5 yrs or older.
    Unless for any rare circumstance, I almost always recommend to them to just dump the PC and replace it with a new PC instead or at least get a "newer" one. The cost involved repairing the old PC's that are 5 yrs or older, is (IMO) just not worth the cost. Especially if one is going to be paying me for my labor to repair it. And if someone is going to repair their own PC, many times, if the PC is 10 yrs or older, the part they need to get to fix the PC, ends up costing more than the old PC, itself.
    PLUS let's not forget, the older the PC gets the more outdated and slower (by today's standards) the PC gets. So why repair an older, slower and outdated PC? (rhetorical). Just buy a new PC or newer than what one has. Then they'll be happier with the usage and performance experience of the new(er) PC. That's my 2 cents.


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