How to Install an SSD in a Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK Laptop


In this video, I demonstrate how to replace the hard disk / install an SSD in a Dell Inspiron i3531-1200BK Laptop.

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Here’s the SSD I used. It is available in 512GB, 256GB, and 128GB.

The Samsung 850 EVO is another popular SSD. It is available in 1TB, 500GB, 250GB, and 120GB.

Don’t know what to do with your old hard disk? Turn it into an external drive with an enclosure like this one. No tools, drivers, or power brick required.


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  1. Thank you for the video! I was able to install a SAN Disk ssd on a dell 15R laptop. My HDD didn't have a metal cage, but the ssd came with a spacer which I had to use to fit it in place. After installation, I got a Checking media (fail)" ON BOOT. Followed the following step to resolve it. Hope it helps someone facing the same issue.
    1. Hit F2 right when the Dell Logo pops up.
    2. Use your arrow keys to move to the tab named "Boot"
    3. Select, with the arrow keys so that the text named "UEFI Boot" is White colored in font.
    4. Navigate to the bottom, where it should say Windows Boot Manager
    5. Hit F5 or 56, to move it up and down the list until you get the settings to be like:
    Windows Boot Manager
    UEFI Onboard LAN IPv4
    UEFI Onboard LAN IPv6
    6. Hit F10, and your system will reboot, without that annoying message showing up.
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  2. my dell computer is different than this one its an old 1545 but when I turn it on it is so slow it literally takes 1 hour no joke to open up the home menu so I can go into my apps and web browser so if I put an sad in it will it be faster??? also awesome guide review man 😀

  3. one question out of your video. I have the same laptop as you but i want to boot my thumb drive but it wont show me the thumb drive. Normally other laptops will have the uefi showing enable and disable but it wont show me that at all can you help please.

  4. is the processor upgradable ? i want to upgrade mine beccause im a gamer but didn't have enough budget since my other laptop which was amazing got broken down 🙁 and im planning to upgrade it's processor, is it possible? even if the have the same socket type? would i have software issues? rejections or anything? please reply 🙂 i really need help 😛

  5. rich, the problem I am having in making the decision to switch to an ssd, is how do I get my windows 8.1 onto the new ssd.  Presumably,  It has no operating system.

  6. Hi Rich, How did you transfer the content from original hard drive to SSD? Can you describe the procedure you followed? Thanks,

  7. Thanks for the vid. It appears fairly easy to replace the hard drive with SSD, but then what happens when it is booted for the first time?  How do I re-install windows?

  8. I have an inspiron 7720 with a 32GB SSD and am planning on replacing it due to an error showing up in the Intel Disc Management system indicating it has failed.  I am pretty sure there is a RAID factory set up for this drive and was hoping that if I do the physical replacement that the RAID will take care of rebuilding of the new drive.  Do you know if that is how the RAID is set-up from the factory?

  9. Hi! Can you please do a review on the laptop after the SSD and RAM Update? How much of a difference does the SSD make? I'm seriously considering buying this laptop and upgrading to a SSD. Thank you for your other videos about installing SSD. 


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