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Pokemon Revolution is an online free to play Pokemon MMO. There are 4 major regions currently in-game: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, as well as many unique custom-made areas to venture freely in.

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Oreburgh City is a Sinnoh city located between Oreburgh Gate and Route 207. It also exists southward toward Oreburgh Mine.

The city gym will initially be blocked, requiring to speak to an NPC in Oreburgh Mine first. Another point of interest, although overshadowed by similar NPCs of other regions, is the possibility to revive Sinnoh’s Fossils in the museum.

Rock Smash vendor
The #RockSmash vendor, Miner Daen, is located in the house between the Pokemon Center and the Pokémart. He will sell #TM114 (Rock Smash) for the price of PokémonDollar 5,000.

Fossil revival
The Sinnoh Expert is located inside the Museum, the large building north of the Pokemon Center. He will first ask for the evolved data of both Cradily and Armaldo, the two Hoenn Fossil Pokémons. Their base form can be obtained by reviving the Claw Fossil and Root #Fossil in other regions.

Once the two evolved datas has been presented to him, he will revive the Sinnoh Fossils, namely the Skull Fossil into Cranidos and the Armor Fossil into Shieldon.

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