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Having Issues like MSVCP120.dll & 0xc00007b with origin even after following tons of videos online? and installing programs like “aio”, “vc_redist” and directX? Still having problems? Don’t worry. Follow the video. Comment if there’s anything I can help you with.

MSVCP120.dll :
Aio :
Vc_Redist :

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28 Replies to “How to Fix Error 0xc00007b & MSVCP120.dll in (All Windows) [100% Solved] 2017 – Origin and General”

  1. download the installer from this google drive:

  2. When trying to install origin on my microsoft 10 windows computer (already purchased sims, I literally just wanna play it but this is my luck I guess..) this thing keeps popping up saying "it can't run a code because it failed to find VCRUNTIME.140.dll" or "it can't run a code because it can't find MSVCP.140.dll." Does anyone know what this means?? I can't try to uninstall it bc my problem is I CAN'T install it AT ALL. This is my first time trying to install origin and it's not giving me a good impression…


  4. I need help I have 64 but i deleted the ones in 32 I need help plz get back to me or someone help me

  5. sorry i tried what you did in the video, and error code keeps showing up. i have heard its rare for this to happen, have owned sims 4 since it came out 6 years ago for me this is first time i have experienced this, i"m currently trying to get help from ea but they all they solutions have failed. last message from them they told to try and reinstalled origin which i did yesterday and i was shocked that it didin"t solved it. then they ask if i could send another msinfo which makes no sense. so i said no i had enough wtf guys. god i hate ea worst company ever!! customers support are so incompetant so times. i wonder if they even had more solutions left since i think i have tried everything. maybe its because i have the windows 7 7601 build this version is not genuine, and that this suddenly caused sims 4 to not be able to run as long as i don"t have a genuine version, thats only possible explaination i can think off.

  6. Hello, just download an old version and install then uptade it , worked for me on windows 10w

    please like so they can notice

  7. Origin wasn't in either of my files. I can't download it yet till if fix this.. please respond if you have an idea of what I should do.

  8. I cannot locate Origin in either of my program folders in my C drive.. how do I resolve these error and get Origin to install on my windows 8??

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