How to crack windows 7 "user login" password without using any Software.


In this video, You can learn How to crack windows 7 “user login” password without using any Software. You should watch full video without skipping to video. Every second is very important in this video. If you miss any step then you got problems.

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  1. Once again, 2 out of 3 systems were a Success. I believe the process is just different to do for the Win 8 OS. I WISH U HAD A TUTORIAL FOR WIN 8.

  2. Can you PLEASE tell me what a "System 5 Error" is. The system wont allow me to successfully change the password to (blank) and proceed to open windows without a password, so I'm still locked out. I'm doing this from the Command Prompt within Win 8.1, but I was under the impression this could be done on all platforms up to Win 8.1. Obviously I'm wrong or I failed to follow this correctly even though I had no trouble on my other system with Win 7. Please advise if u even read this. Thanks

  3. I am so happy I watched this all the way through. You must be an software developer, an IT Specialist, or Programmer, right? Genius tutorial. Straight forward. Clear. Precise. Very Confident. Thank you again. Worked like magic!!!!

  4. Many thanks for the video. Thanks to it I can regain the control of my old laptop which was left unused for almost 2 years 😀

  5. Phenomenal!!!! Amazing video, thank you so much. For some reason had a password for my old laptop and it wouldn't work even though I know I'd got it right but maybe I'd changed it. Your instructions have enabled me to get into it and now the kids are happy as they can use it!!!! Amazing, well done, great work around without any need for additional software. THIS REALLY WORKS GUYS in case you're wondering, sometimes you never know!

  6. Thanks for this information! My computer had 3 users. I tried not entering a password for admin but it did not work. So I put 1111 as a password for all three users and that worked. Thanks again for this helpful information.

  7. My daughter hasn't booted her HP Win7 laptop for at least a year or two. She couldn't remember her password and yours was the first video I landed on.

    I wasn't able to find the SETC.EXE file under Windows, so I rebooted using Linux and found the file in seconds. I renamed the file and copied/renamed the CMD.EXE file under Linux. Rebooted in Windows and followed the rest of your instructions. Worked perfectly! Thank you for sparing me all those other involved processes. You dah man!


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