How to Clone a Hard Drive or SSD in Windows


This video shows how to clone a hard drive or SSD in Windows 10.
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In this video, we show how to fully transfer your Windows operating system and Data to another storage drive without losing your Windows license and without losing any files or applications. The new storage drive, in this case, could be an SSD or HDD.

This can be used when upgrading from HDD to SSD, replace a failing disk, mirror your PC to another PC, or upgrade to a larger storage disk without losing anything.

If you observe any changes in the procedures due to change in minitool version, please read the article for updated instructions:


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  2. i would like to ask a question about it. i dont have sata to usb cable. is it possible to connect the ssd from cdrom sata port? Does it work?

  3. I need some help don't have an SSD adapter and already have the SSD in system bi just don't boot from it .
    I would love some help

  4. EDIT: No more free when version 12 (I downloaded 6/june/2020)
    Rightclick "This PC" and click "properties" will also show you if windows is activated, but faster 😋 But I'll give it a try cause I swapped HDD to SSD and noticed I choose the wrong SSD and now I have to do it on the other SSD lol… So format C is quick and all, but after 25 years I might give cloning disks a try hehehe

  5. I was all ready to go and just when I thought I was a click away from migrating my OS to my new SSD, I found out that the new "Free version" of Minitool does not do this unless you go pro. Great video though.

  6. HELP!
    Minitool still prompts me to purchase software before migrating my os to my ssd, does anyone else have this problem?

  7. Thank you so much my pc has been really slow lately and i wanted to upgrade to ssd and you've made such a easy way to clone my hdd😅👑👑

  8. One question: I have a desktop pc, and I don’t have SATA to USB, so can I first connect it to my motherboard? Or do I have to get a SATA to USB cord?

  9. loved this, very helpful and clear to understand. Unfortunately the Minitool free no longer supports the OS/Data migration so that stinks.

  10. Hi, everything worked fine till the transfer then a window popped up asking me to upgrade and it could not get past that window, I uninstalled the program and re download it again but got the same window asking me to upgrade so I could not get any further so I had to look for an alternative migration tool.

  11. Thank you very much for this amazing guide!
    You're a great man my friend! Keep it going! Perfectly explained and in depth guide!

  12. Sir I have one doubt. I have os in hdd with proper key which is for only one pc. Now in the same pc I want to install the same os with same key in the SSD. How can I do that. Should I have to deactivate the os in hdd the activate in ssd? Please reply

  13. what about if our another laptop is with different hardware configuration like processor, RAM, Disk Size, Motheroard etc???

  14. Great detailed video!!😎👍 This proses should be the same for swapping my 128gig m.2 nvme for 1tb m.2 nvme drives right?

  15. I am doing this process soon, but I want to make sure that there will be no problem, my current HDD is 480GB but my total files are only 97GB on that disk, my new SSD will only be 120GB, will there be a problem?

  16. Thank you, easy to follow video! Only thing I came across is the clone software changed.. it’s different but it worked

  17. Well, they make you pay for it now, saying the clone feature is only available in the Pro versions when you go to the part where you click finish. I'll just start from scratch and re-do Windows entirely. Thanks for the video, though; I'm sure this used to work without paying first, as easeus software also previously did.

  18. FAKE! THAT FEATURE IS NOW BEHIND A PAY WALL… It might have been free before, but it isn't now… or you were paid to advertise this program…

  19. It keeps taking me to automatic repair then the blue choose an option screen, after I installed transferred and rebooted.

  20. i ran into 1 major setback . it demands a purchase at the last step. it will not allow for clonning with out purchase 12.0 ver

  21. Hey brother am encountering a problem….after I click restart it goes to the next step where it starts the copying somewhere about 90% to 95% am getting an error code." Failed to write to disk error" a lot of them… What could be causing it?


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