Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY


The tense battle between Elon Musk and local health officials over the reopening of Musk’s Tesla factory in California is continuing, but both sides are moving closer to an agreement. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

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  1. Go work safely in native country then. U don't see real American's complaining. Just the ones that want the better way of life. Until they get here!

  2. Good for him. He's got balls and ain't like wimpy democrats. But what he really ought to do is move out of California.

  3. Okay Elon, you can open back up all you want, but when somebody that works for you dies, one of their family members or when somebody can trace back getting the virus from one of your workers then you will also be open for wrongful death suits.

  4. Elon is the biggest scam bigger than Jeff Bezos in the whole world. He even over populated the world with his now 6-kids.

  5. No matter what we think, it's Elon's company to run how he sees fit. We can criticize him or celebrate him. Elon has people depending on that company making a profit and without that profit, there are no jobs. That fellow complaining obviously is worried and he has a right to but Elon also has a right to fire him for not working. In the long run, we are going to get back to work and some want it now, while others want to collect that easy money.

  6. There are plenty of people who would gladly take that snowflakes job if he doesn't feel safe. What a joke NBC is.

  7. just think what is going to happen to tesla when some of his workers come down with it against the orders of the county. He is opening himself up to a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit. I am pretty sure there are lawyers AT THIS moment who are filing it on behalf of the workers…

  8. If I'm not mistaken the CDC said to wear masks in situations where social distancing is not possible. So if you're wearing a mask you can be within 6 feet of others. As long as one of the two options are in place you're good to go. If you're not comfortable with that, or are a high risk individual then stay home, but don't expect everyone else to the same just because you don't feel comfortable. That is unrealistic and an unconstitutional imposition upon others liberty.

  9. I admire Elon Mask's bravery – he is not afraid of risking his employees' lives to make money. Also, he is not afraid of confronting CA Governor and health officials knowing that Donald Trump will back him up. Murderer! I hope Elon Musk will make enough money not to feel guilty when 10% of his employees will die. Sure, Donald Trump will not feel guilty either. He is just trying to make America great again by murdering its residents, and by supporting the murderers like Elon Musk. The dilemma is pretty simple: starve or work. My fellow Americans, WELCOME TO SLAVERY! That is how Donald Trump is making America great again! Department of Justice sure has nothing to do with it . Who cares about Elon Mask's SLAVES? Some of them will die to make more money for their owner. And he will live happily ever after. I was considering buying Tesla. No way. I DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT SLAVERY, AND WILL NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE DRIVING A CAR THAT KILLED A FEW PEOPLE. Now I am ashamed of being an American!

  10. I get the strong feeling Musk's business empire is really a flimsy card castle that would fall apart at the slightest gust (maybe even a pyramid scheme), and this pandemic is a literal existential threat to the whole enterprise, he may already be on the verge of bankruptcy. So many bizarre and absurd ventures leading nowhere (drilling, flame throwers, solar tiles, cybertrucks, etc.) buoyed by a flamboyant eccentric gave me some pretty strong reservations about his operation, and this publicity stunt of affected rebel defiance is all the more suspect, it reeks of desperation not confidence.

  11. That E-mail to the employee was a reaction to state laws. In my humble opinion due to my humble amount of HR experience I can confidently say they have their hands tied by unemployment laws – My wife who has many more years HR experience than I do (and is a government whisteblower – circa early 2000's) and me agree. The government creates a narrative with complex employment regulation, then the news points out the narrative as if it's the company's idea; when they're just following mandatory employment regulations. Both the company and the employee are shackled by the government. So remember, that companies and individuals are both victims of the system.

  12. To all the hayseeds below angry over an employee's compliance with a lawful county ordinance, PLEASE take off your masks, gather to protest the "big hoax", and let evolution take its course.

  13. All he cares about is his money that's it. anyone who agrees with him is just like him. Profits over EVERYTHING SMFH.


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