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Morning Worship Songs is a perfect way to focus your time and attention on seeking Gods’ plan for the day ahead.
Welcome to Gospel Music, We’re committed to praise and worship of the only through God and our savior Jesus Christ who died for our sins that we through him be saved.
We bring you the best of Spontaneous Corporate Worship as we gather together in church Sunday worship. Worshiping Jesus may be the single most important thing we do.
It plays an indispensable role in rekindling our spiritual fire and keeping it burning. Corporate worship brings together God’s word, prayer, and fellowship, and so makes for the greatest means of God’s ongoing grace in our Christian life.
You are blessed as you sing along; and hey, don’t forget to bless someone else by sharing
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Morning Devotion Worship Songs – Non-Stop Praise and Worship songs – Gospel Music 2020

Short Good Morning Prayers To Use On A Daily Basis

Good morning Lord! This is the day that you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. With gratitude, I thank you for preserving my life for one more day. With gratitude, I thank you for your ultimate gift of love for me, in the form of your son and the sacrifice of his life on my behalf. Because of this overwhelming gift that I often cannot comprehend, I humbly submit to you. I know Lord, that I am a mere human and cannot instruct you, but you Lord can instruct me. So teach me your ways that I may rely on your faithfulness. Teach us to number our days and to use our time wisely.

I don’t know what this day holds, but I know that you hold the day. It was you that laid the foundations of the Earth and therefore understands every part of it. I know that you keep the sun in the sky, the stars in place, and have created this Earth for me to inhabit and enjoy. I pray for protection throughout this day; protect from harm and evil; go before me, to the left and right of me and behind me. Order my steps so that I walk worthy of your calling throughout this day. May I be attuned to your promptings – whether it shows up as a gentle tug or a strong conviction.

Praise and Worship Songs 2019 2 Hours Nonstop – Best Christian Worship Songs of All Time Playlist

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Morning Prayer Healing Prayer. On this morning prayer
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100 Christian Praise & Worship Songs by Various Artists on Apple

Christian Music: Praise and Worship Songs


The Best Praise & Worship Songs Ever, Best Ever – Song List

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