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**Drawing evolution of sharingan from the Anime Naruto!!

•Rectangular Size: 4 x 2 cm



_Marco Renoir colored pencils
_Black pen – Artline ( 0.5 mm)
_Eraser – Stabilo
_Paper – A4 type ( 297 x 210 mm)


_Naron – Imagination
_Kouen ( Naruto Soundtracks)
_Heaven Shaking Event – Yasuharu Takanashi
_Sarutobi – Toshiro Masuda
_Universal – Vibe Tracks



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42 Replies to “Drawing All Mangekyou Sharingan Forms | Evolution Of Sharingan | Kakashi Art”

  1. Follow me on Instagram ->
    I will update on my drawings before i upload my video to youtube!

  2. If I remember correctly Shin doesn’t have eyebrows. Unless you’re drawing a Shin Clone/Sons.

  3. 真実は、私がナルトが好きなら、私は何度も何度も彼に会うことに飽きることはありません。

  4. 눈 겁나 잘 그리네 (피아노)미쳤다;; 나도 저런 그림실력이면 좋은데.. 저렇게는 안돼네;;

  5. How DO you draw the sharingan so well?
    *Looks up from paper
    *Mangekyo sharingan noise
    Years of practice.

  6. i never watched naruto but for a guy who had his whole clan killed theres actually a ton of people with the sharingan

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