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This Dell Precision M4600 might be a few years old, but does it still pack enough power for your modern PC needs? Let’s find out!

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Dell Precision M4600 Specs:
-Intel Core i7 2760QM (up to 3.5 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache)
-Nvidia Quadro 2000M (2 GB DDR3)
-8 GB DDR3
-15.6″ 1080p Matte LCD

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  1. Hey , nice video . But i'd like to ask you something . For today standards , is this good enough for lite gaming ? Like cs go or other lite games ? Because i found one for cheap and i'd like to buy it . Ty !

  2. I love my 4600, just put a FirePro M5100 in it. 2450 firsstrike score now. I can actually game on it. I have the 2820qm processor.

  3. I have one of these and like it allot…. But, over the years, I have no clue how to activate the "Bluetooth"…. I see the icon light is off on mine in the top left corner… I don't see it in Windows Mobility Center either…. Something like (Fn, then hit F2?)

  4. I bought a Precision M4700, those workstations are able to upgrade it's graphics card. So I bought the most powerful graphics card it can handle. The Quadro M2200 (GTX 965M equivalent), it's performance could be compared to a GTX 1050 mobile, so I'm happy to moderately play some modern games and e-sports on it.

  5. I brought one of these 6 months ago off ebay. It has 16GB and the 2000M Quadro. I put in a modern fast SSD and built it up with Windows 7. Using all the driver packages from the Dell support site. Its an absolutely AWESOME laptop. I use it for DJ'ing and its brilliant. Has way more HP than most modern machines and its so tough you can almost drive over it with your car. These are a superb secondhand buy.

  6. Just bought one of these off Fleabay for £250.upgraded the hard drive to a 500gb SSD for £65, and upgraded the Wifi card from N to A/C speed for another £27.It's now one hell of a machine…far better than any new machine for £350.It came with the top of the range I7 Extreme Processor and 16gb of DDR3 Ram, and the 1080P Screen shown Here.One thing the Reviewer forgot to note.The screen is a Dell Ultrasharp Display…over 400 nits max Brightness and around 95% SRGB accuracy.
    Gaming in 2019 is a whole different Ball game from the past.All games can now be streamed to it at Max Resolution and full detail settings.
    Have an Xbox one? – stream via the in built Xbox app built into windows 10.
    Have a PS4? – Stream Via PS4 Remote play App
    PC Games – Stream Via the Steam App , or if you have a Geforce Powered windows 10 PC in the house ,use the Moonlight app.
    for Android Games – Just install an Android Emulator like Bluestacks.
    The question is now in 2019, do you really need an expensive gaming Laptop anymore?

  7. I actually have the Dell Precision m6400 laptop which I believe is a couple of year older than this, released in late 2008 to early 2009. It has an Intel Core 2 Quad extreme QX9300 cpu with 12 gb ddr3 ram, 480 gb ssd, and a 1 gb ATI firepro m7740 graphics card. I still like it today

  8. I owned a m4600, It had only an i5 and a 1000m. I traded it up to an e6530. It wasn't a bad trade but I sure do miss this laptop. It was very fast as my e6530 is, and is miles above a probook 6500 series but sadly good luck finding decently priced ones in as good of shape.

  9. can you change component, the display and even the motherboard? I interest in tank like laptop with all component upgradable. thank you

  10. Hey does anybody know this laptop will run with GDDR5 Nvidia Quadro K4000 4GB graphics card reason I'm asking I saw some video cards on eBay posted for to different models like "Dell precision M4600 M6600 Nvidia Quadro video card" and I saw that 4GB graphics card dell M6600 and thought it should fit M4600 as well, any ideas ?

  11. I do 3D modeling as hobby & found this laptop with 32 fb of RAM at a ridiculous price of only $600-700 and can't believe how loaded it is because the i7 is great for 3D purposes and of course more ram the better not to mention the video card is designed for those purposes as well. It really is a no brainer I should buy this ASAP I just would like to see if anyone knows how good the display is, is it bright enough? I'm not expecting the best display in the world I'm just shocked how good the specs are at the price range so I'm thinkin there must be a catch somewhere, as long as the display is decent that would be awesome

  12. Will it play overwatch at 60fps? I have seen videos who say it can, but then online sites say it cant even run at the lowest level.

  13. Although i didnt understand the finger print and smart card reader in dial keypad , can you guide me plz?

  14. thanks alot buddy , i got dell precision m4700 around 410$. and its the beast laptop ever seen in that price. Thanks Intel and Dell

  15. Bought mine in 2012, still in use. Hard to find a better laptop at a reasonable price. This one has 32GB of RAM and 2x 1TB SSD…

  16. Is the AMD FirePro W5130M a better card over the Quadro 2000M? Because I'm looking for a workstation laptop that at least uses an AMD Gpu and I just want to know if this will still be as good as the quadro or if its performance is better.

  17. I'm looking at the model with 8gb ram and 265 SSD to use with a Akai MPC Touch, do you think this will work well?
    I'm not a fan of LAG …


  18. this machine still beast even in 2017 use !
    and yeah, its still around 500$ USD in my country for even not a mint condition..DANG

  19. I'm getting one for$190 with the 2000m , 2860q and 16GB , tomorrow for retro gaming like Launchbox among other use. can't wait!

  20. Do you know a shortcut or a way to max. the fans. On my other laptop it just goes to maximum capasity when i press fn+1 but this doesn't do it i guess. And also can you play a more demanding game please for testing i mean?

  21. I couldn't find a good review of this anywhere for how it compared to other 2016. This channel answered that for me! Thanks Theje!


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