Dell Latitude E7240 2018 Review


*this isn’t the Ultrabook version of this computer*
The Dell latitude is a great computer for those who are looking for a daily driver that can browse the web, edit sound and video, and use and create common files like microsoft office files to adobe files to simple mp3, mp4, png, etc.

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  1. – Trying to decide If I'm going to buy this kind of laptop second hand. That's why it's great with videos to help You with the descision… 🙂
    (The music makes it difficult to hear, that's a pity).

  2. sir is this laptop still work in 2019 with 4gb ram and 128gb storage core i7 about 205$?should i buy or not

  3. Good review, and thanks – helped me to decide to buy one on eBay just now as a very basic office laptop at meetings (OneNote, Powerpoint, some Outlook) when I'm away from my big desktop machine.

  4. I actually picked up this computer. I have this one and the upgraded one which is a little better, the e7250. They are both really nice laptops. It's hard to say which one I like better. My e7250 has better equipment inside of the device. So it is able to run editing and some other things faster. I personally love the button layout on the e7240 better. It is a lot easier to do things. Like the volume button and power bottom are like little knobs that you can press down. Really simple.

  5. Dell Latitude E7240 (i5), oor the E74440, or Acer Aspire 3??
    For video editing, surfing, photos, music (little) & no gaming but flight sims.

  6. It is a really good video. It is a really good laptop. I would recommend making a video about the e7250. It has a little better specs than this one and the price point is similar. I would also make the price point a bit more extended. Saying that you can find it for $500 is true. However, on ebay or newegg someone can easily pick up this computer used for $200-400. In those price points there are so many variations of the laptop too. Some have 128GB others have 256GB (Can also be labeled 120/240). Also instead of an i5 some versions have an i7. So it can be a little complex. Giving an exact price point on newer PC's, like from how cheap you can pick up the latest Macbook Pro, is helpful, but it's not as helpful in the used/older laptop/PC world. But overall I really enjoy watching this and I like watching videos about older laptops.


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