Dell Latitude D630 | LCD Display Assembly Replacement | How-To-Tutorial

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Learn how to install and replace the laptop LCD Display Assembly on a Dell Latitude D630 laptop. This will take you set by set through the complete installation and replacement process. The only tools needed is a small phillips head screw driver and a small flat head screw driver.

You can view full written instructions for this Dell Latitude D630 LCD Display Assembly repair here:

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16 thoughts on “Dell Latitude D630 | LCD Display Assembly Replacement | How-To-Tutorial

  1. Blue Girl says:

    Thanks for uploading this video. I dropped my laptop and the screen would not light up anymore. I thought I was going to have to buy a new screen. I did not have too because from this video I was able to get inside it and I found out it had just came unplugged. Now everything is working fine…Thanks to you. 🙂

  2. James Olson says:

    Please indicate in the description that the panel itself is not being disassembled, just disconnected from the laptop.

  3. peterpanpixyland says:

    Thanks! I've looked at this as well as your accompanying video for the upper hinge portions. I have a Latitude D600. Is the procedure similar enough that I can use your D630 procedures as a reasonable reference?

  4. Tom Denman says:

    Thanks! This video and the one on replacing the inverter board were everything I needed to get the job done. Saved my ex-wife a hefty labor bill for a fairly uncomplicated parts replacement. While I understand the other poster's concern, I would respond by suggesting that if one is THAT unfamiliar with internal laptop architecture, they probably should leave this job to a professional.
    What's most valuable about this video is that it shows the dis-assembly / reassembly sequence in detail.

  5. El-Jefe says:

    This video should show a close up of the laptop it's too far too see every detail. Very easy to make a mistake.

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