Dell Inspiron 7567 – Hands On Review


The previous Inspiron cut all the right corners, paring down price and ramping up performance, but this year, Dell may have cut a little too deep into the core experience.



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  1. They made the new models with IPS panels. Should do another review . Also going to get it at Best Buy for $750 which is the cheapest you can find it right now . Most people are asking around 8-900$ for it

  2. I own this laptop, and I got it on sale with the IPS screen, 256gb ssd and gtx 1050ti for just under $800. If you don't like the TN screen, don't get it they're not forcing you to. I like how 3/4 of this review is about a model specific screen, and not about the amazing upgradability with a single captive screw, the fast speeds of the included pcie m.2 ssd, the great Alienware cooling design, the included hardware for adding a 2.5" drive, and the stunningly long battery life. Only downside IMO is the lackluster wireless card which again is easily upgradable for 30 bucks, but I've never had any complaints with it so far. Also pretty damn impressed I've never been able to get the GPU past 45C

  3. it has a bad display, thou it doesn't ruin my experince on games. A few hours in and I lost my self in the game. So yea as an owner of this laptop I'd recmmond it, you guys also didn't talk about all the postives.

  4. it's just that screen for me, the last one had a better screen.

    Turns out that they now sell an ips upgrade for an extra $50 so could someone test that for color?

  5. Replacing the display is very easy. Just takes 4 screws and pull one sticker out. Replacement samsung panel costs around $60-$70 USD. Making this the best bang for your buck. Lots of youtube vids showing you how to do it.

  6. No one actually does a decent review on the IPS version, it's like they're all just dying to bitch about the terrible TN panel that by now everyone knows about


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