Dell Inspiron 5559 15 inch (2016) Laptop Detailed Review


In this video I do a comprehensive review of the Dell Inspiron 5559 15 Inch Laptop 2016 model and this laptop is a real winner according to me. It is one of the Best MidRange Laptops I have used.

The specifications are Core i5 6th Gen, 8GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 15.6 Inch Touch Screen, Intel HD 520 Graphics.

It has some of the features like Touch Screen with 10 Multi Touch Points, Backlight Keyboard, Waves Maxx Audio which are generally not found in the Mid Range laptop.

You can see the review on the performance in this video

You can buy the US version here

You can check out Indian version here

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  1. I have added the performance of the laptop in another video

    In this video I do the performance review with Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop and also play some games.So please check out the video

  2. I have this same US version 5559 it has a touch screen but is someone confusing because it has tablet mode but I can't get the screen to flip for tablet or as a tent display mode. Why would it have touchscreen with tablet mode but not be able to flip the screen??

  3. I bought one of these. The laptop said I needed another battery just after one year. I bought it from a discount store which added a second year warranty. They agreed that the battery needed to be replaced, but sent me an aftermarket battery instead of the Dell battery. It's been 3 years and that battery has been going strong. I added a 1TB SSD and it transformed the laptop. With my i7 processor, it has been everything I wanted. Now the only problem I have is an intermittent l display of colored verticle lines, kind of like when Netflix starts up a movie. So far it goes away. When I use an external monitor, I don't see the lines. The newer versions of my laptop don't seem to be as good. I'm not sure how to access the battery. It's not obvious. The light on the lower front edge that tells you it is charging, or, if you press Fn+h, it will show hard drive activity, is gone. Come on Dell!

  4. i got this laptop for half off retail…. it has launched my music career… even though it it really slow at this point hit has done well

  5. using this laptop from a year its best and about the keyboard flex they changed my keyboard free of cost

  6. Is it the same model? 

    I dont see touch screen in this.

  7. The camera shows black only even after upgrading the driver i have tried everything but still shows the black screen i just bought it and i am already facing many problem someone plz help me

  8. sir is it still good I'm planning to get it from us heard that it has some problems please tell me if it's good and has no problem .

  9. Entered this video to check how is the battery packaged in this notebook, reviewer never mentioned it…. real nice bro.

  10. The video was good ! but the only thing I missed was that u not mentioned the gaming performance of the laptop briefly otherwise it was a good video .

  11. HI Sir ! I got the same laptop about a week ago.
    But the laptop keyboard (left side) only gets quite hot even if you do simple work (i mostly use office & chrome only).
    It's been like this since day 1.
    Is it normal?
    Should i complain at the store where I bought it?


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