Dell inspiron 3521 unboxing


This budget laptop includes an Ivy Bridge intel i3 processor (3227U), 500 GB (5400RPM) hard drive, and 6GB of ram.
Good for some casual gaming. The construction of this laptop is very solid.

Link to a headphone/microphone splitter:

Link to an HDMI to VGA adapter:


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  1. my dad got me this computer a few years ago and it sucks balls, 1.8 ghz processor, the slowest I have seen for an i3 and only 4 gigs of ram until I put 6 gigs in

  2. It has a very big PROBLEM :   BLUETOOTH   and   WIRELESS  drivers  
    you will notice a big yellow triangle upon " NETWORK CONTROLLER " after formatting it , that will destroy all the dreams , it happened with me .

  3. hey bro. i've been looking for this exact laptop "DELL Inspiron 3521" but i ones i've been seeing only have two USB Port holes. Please where did you purchase yours and how much.

  4. i buyed JUNE-07th-2014. DELL INSPIRON 3521 laptap not booting beep sound coming. not working . not oepning also. very bad Laptap..  my SERVICE TAG B9B60X1. i called customer care they telling out of Warranty.  

    so now what i do? 

    friends be careful with Dell

  5. Why are Americans so protective of their shit country   its ducking annoying and wussy like.  fucking yanks and their dirty food.  FUCK OFF.

  6. Fuking paid $850 in Africa for this but it has a1T hdd but still its like double the price because of access

  7. Improper way of Unboxing. The lid should not be closed while booting, incase if it is set to sleep or hibernate.


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