Dell Inspiron 3467 Review


Today We Will Be Reviewing The Best Laptop Under 30k – Dell Inspiron 3467 Review.

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  1. I am having this laptop for my personal use, from the very beginning itself the laptop is very much slow, If you open any browser you have to wait for 10 mins to open the browser. I have used so many good factory versioned laptop as I am a java application developer engineer my organisation use to provide good laptop for application development but sometimes we need personal laptop also for practice programming now this laptop hell my life. Thinking of reinstalling the softwares for this laptops let see what will happen. Its lagged a lot, its hanged, screen freezing, slow in process. Nothing is good.

  2. This is the review of which I was exactly looking for .gr8 bro.keep posting these kind of amazing really helped me a lot…….😀😀😀😀

  3. I have this laptop. It's a great laptop for general everyday use. At first I blame the laptop for lagging sometimes then I realized it's the application that's slow. It looks premium and the fact that's manufactured by Dell. This is my second laptop by Dell. My first is still working and my father is using it for work.

  4. Bro which one is better
    Dell vostro 3468 or
    Dell inspiron 3467
    I am ready to pay extra money but just need to know which one is better

  5. Your reply really helped Thanks.. One more query.. Do you find possibility of voiding my warranty if i upgrade HDD to SSD. For the time being this model is available with online stores only. Much appreciate your suggestions.

  6. Bro im planning to buy a new laptop under 30k.. im confused with 3 laptops ..
    1. HP imprint 15 -BS542T i3 6th gen( 26k )..RAM expandable 16 gb ..2 memory slots and 720 p. And no type c port ..
    2. Dell 3467 i3 6th gen (26k ). RAM expandable to 8 gb ..2 memory slots ..and 720 p but no type c port..
    3.lenovo ideapad 320 E i3 6th gen ( 26k )..
    RAM expandable to 8 gb but no momory slot ..and 720 p and only laptop with type C port ..
    Help me to choose one ?
    My purpose ..GTA 5 occasionally on low setting ,, youtube ,, movies and powerpoint projects ..

  7. What is the DVD ROM thickness? Is it 9.5mm or 12.7mm. I am planning to use SSD instead of HDD and use a caddy for the HDD in place of the DVD ROM. I already have a 9.5mm caddy for that purpose. So I wanted to know .. is it 9.5mm or 12.7mm DVD ROM?


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