Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop Review || Could This Be Your Next Laptop?


Hey guys! This laptop is a bargain! I bought it with a 15% off discount for only $600, and it was worth every dollar. Although there are a few negative aspects, the positive ones far out weigh them. If you’re looking for an affordable laptop then I would recommend taking a look at the Dell Inspiron 15 3000.

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  1. I get it december as a Christmas present! And now after 3 months it is broken, the monitor is black. Nothing happens before, I started it and it was white and after some seconds black. I'm really disappointed about it.

  2. This laptop is a slow piece of shit for me. It struggles to run Firefox, 3 tabs, no other softwares running, even booting it up is a hassle.

  3. I bought it at 2019 Xmas time.
    Dell installed a lot app inside and can't remove or install it. I try download CAD software, and pay Best buy Greek tech help, 4 technical people can't installed.
    IF u want good computer and install CAD software, use ASUS. not Dell.

  4. kraẏa karabēna nā.

    I wasted money and time by purchasing the new Dell inspiron 14 3000. Please do not purchase this dirt thing

  5. Dude i have this laptop i even watch this video on it but its not good for gaming its good only for playing roblox and watching videos

  6. The dell Inspiron desktop I found is better for making videos this laptop is ok for beginners who want to learn how to use a laptop I wouldn't recommend the HP stream they are crap

  7. I’m looking to upgrade my Dell Latitude laptop from 2008 and I’m still using it. It can barely handle basic tasks now, so almost anything will be a huge upgrade to it lol.

  8. I just bought the version with AMD A9 and Radeon R5 graphics really solid design and performance however the battery life is not that good I could only get around 3 hours of use out of it

  9. the fact that the i7 version of this laptop comes with a HDD is the most rediculous things laptop sellers do. You might as well get a 5 year old laptop with an SSD, it would run faster.

  10. i have one of these in my work their keyboard is garbage my 7 year old asus is better than this shit even the older hp probook are better


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