Dell Inspiron 15 3000 3567 (2018) Review – $350 with i3 Kaby Lake Processor


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Commodity laptops have come a long way. If you don’t mind big, heavy and somewhat ugly you can get a nicely performing computer for a low price. Here’s one from Dell that is a decent buy. See more laptops: and subscribe!

0:00 – Intro
00:59 – Hardware overview
01:01 – 720p display
01:37 – System specs & upgradeability
01:59 – Storage
03:02 – Ports
03:07 – Fan noise
03:41 – Optical drive (DVD burner)
03:54 – Speakers and sound quality
04:02 – Keyboard and trackpad
05:00 – Weight
05:09 – Build quality
05:25 – Swappable battery
05:37 – Battery life
06:06 – AC wireless
06:21 – Web browsing / YouTube Etc.
06:43 – benchmark
07:16 – Microsoft Word / Office
07:22 – Gaming
08:28 – 3DMark Cloudgate test
09:01 – Thermals
09:51 – Kodi and HEVC video
10:21 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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  1. This review was very helpful for me back in a day. I've been using this laptop for 2 years now and it was very good for learning programming on it. The only thing I've added is 8gb of memory. Very good machine when you don't have money.

  2. On some models that don’t have the disc drive, is it a plastic cover that goes over where the optical drive would be or is there things in their place?

  3. Ive only had this laptop for about a year now and i have been quit disappointed with it….Out of all of the computers that ive had in my life time. Ive never had one for a year and barley use it for that reason and its already super slow. Its very heavy. Falls asleep for no reason. Battery drains so fast. I mean i swear it seems like even when its charge to full battery and i go to use it whenever, its lost all of the battery. The battery icon keeps disappearing which i finally found a solution today because i decided to DEAL with it. It logged me out of my account which i have no idea how. I do updates and it says some were completed and successful while others werent . It tells me that things are installing in the background when i clearly have not done anything. I call dell and they act like they cant fix the problem. My dad has purchased a lot of my laptops growing up but this one i paid him back for and he has said that some of the ones ive had in the past as far as software and all that goes was crappy. But ill tell you id rather go back to those. And hes great with computers. Thats how disappointed i am with this device. I only really like it for battery replacement and cd drive which you cant even play dvds on without downloading an app 🙁 I have downloaded apps and stuff on it but thats it. Can anyone tell me what could be wrong??

  4. DELL Laptop Inspiron I3567-5949BLK-PUS Intel Core i5 7th Gen 7200U (2.50 GHz) 8 GB Memory 256 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 620 15.6" Touchscreen Windows 10 Home 64-bit1

    I paid $467 with tax and shipping.

  5. I just watched this again, because my local Micro Center has this exact model new, and it come with a 1tb hard drive-but it's a mechanical hard drive, and it's only a 5,400 rpm one. it does come with 8gb of RAM, though.

  6. Bro can I upgrade to SSD in this laptop (dell Inspiron 15 3567 i3 7th gen)
    Upgrade means removing HDD and replace with SSD 512 GB
    Is it possible? Bro
    Plzz reply bro

  7. Hey, nice review! Just got a couple of questions.

    1. Can I add an 8gb memory stick to the one with 4gb already installed on the computer?
    2. Will this model perform well with Photoshop and Illustrator?

  8. Hi lon I have the Dell Inspiron 15 3565 and I like it I use it mainly for karaoke performances it comes with 4 gigs of RAM but I've upgraded it to 16 left the floor in So now I have 20 but I can go as high as 32 gigabytes of RAM


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