Dell Inspiron 13 5379 (Intel 8th Gen) Review


Lisa Gade reviews the late 2017-early 2018 Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 laptop (model 5379). This is the mid-tier Inspiron model with pricing starting at $499, and it’s available both as a 360 degree hinge convertible and a traditional laptop in a variety of sizes. The Inspiron 13 5379 has a full HD IPS touch screen, Intel 8th generation quad core 15 watt CPUs, Intel UHD 620 graphics, a Microsoft precision trackpad and a backlit keyboard. It has two DDR4 RAM slots and your choice of a SATA3 SSD or HDD.
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Our review of the higher end Dell Inspiron 13 7000 (7373) is here:


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  1. worse laptop under 70k. The battery is the worse don't be fooled by any good reviews , buy only if u want it for good looking laptop and if your'e fuckin rich

  2. Computers like this in third world countries are luxuries. This one is worth about half month of wages, so for two non gaming adults should be more than enough. And the fact that I can always upgrade the ram and ssd will give me three or four years solid performance. I wish you reviewed more under 1000 bucks computers. Great review!

  3. Couldn't you just download some windows program that will up the brightness, sort of hacking the system. I used to do this with my old laptop. So with that said I don't see how brightness would be a huge issue?

  4. Hi Lisa, I have to point out this laptop DOES support active stylus pens. I use the latest Microsoft Surface pen on mine, and it came with the Dell 0VDJY3.

  5. hey thanks for the insight. i need a little help in finding the touch screen drivers for the dell inspiron 13 core i3

  6. Hi I wanted to buy a laptop that is around 1k maybe less and I don't know if I should buy the Dell Inspiron 5000 or the Asus vivobook pro. What it's better?

  7. I want to be graphic designer so maybe I need a notebook with dedicated graphic and touchscreen. Would you please reccomend me any notebook?

  8. Are both the Pentium and Core versions RAM and storage upgradable? Sometimes manufacturers get tricky there with soldered parts for the lower end model

  9. Great review very honest, unbiased and no nonsense approach. First of your videos I’ve seen and will check out others!

  10. Which should i buy this or lenovo flex 5 15,I am a college student and i love low level gaming? Plz reply soon?

  11. Hi everyone and experts or anyone good at IT? I forgot my password for my Microsoft account I'm fucked. I can't even log in and gain access to my laptop. This is my first time using Windows laptop. Please help. Thank you.

  12. This is a very close model to mine. I bought the non convertible (15") since I didn't have the need. Internals was a 128SSD plus 16gHD with 1tb, guess you can say a hybrid. Added a DVD/RW for my light photography since I use cd's on occasion for burning for some that want this. I'm not a gamer so heavy graphics/speeds is not an issue. Basically just wanted an all around laptop within reason. Paid $1300 for all upgrades with the latest processor etc. In everyone's honest opinion do you think this will suffice for awhile. I am not one to purchase pc's often and don't want buyers remorse later. I've asked a few friends and of course they said I should've went with the Alien ware but my finances couldn't go that route and Dell felt this was a decent match. My last pc ran ancient XP and I ran strictly off of tablets the past few years with the exception of photography to suite my needs or even my Note phones. Just need opinions so if I did wrong I can sell this before it outdates and move into maybe a little better pc. Hope that's not the case though. My only buyers remorse now is the pen, I'm ok with the non active pen but was sold an active pen and the fact I didn't push myself for a better graphics card than the 620 for the future. That's it. Opinions needed. Thank you all since I'm not computer savvy! 😊

  13. my dells 13 7348/i7 5500u/256gb/great screen w/Active pen Capacity/5.5-6hr. mm thicker/ great for photo/music edit but newer version has very low screen quality/no active pen, 45min shorter battery life OK looks the power & thinner chassy alone doesn't cut it.

  14. thank you for the detailed review…i wanted to ask that my fan sounds funny and it has got some clingy voice that is not that much but i does affect me when i am doing something…it would be great to hear about some suggestions…thank you 🙂

  15. would u choose 7th or 8th gen over the dell 13 7348 i7 special edition ? screen quality dropped since 5th gen, (wt no problem. daily netflix/web/mail/ med graphic work I get 5 hrs)

  16. Please Help!!! I´d like to buy a Dell 13 5379 but I 'd like to change the Hard Drive from the SSD 256GB to 1TB 2.5'' … I see in the review that it has the space for a sata connection but my seller told me that this model DELL 13 5379 (Ci7 8550u / 8GB / 256GB SSD / 13.3'') has not the space for HDD SATA 1TB.. He said thet SSD is M.2 (Part number of the product: 5379I7258T) … PLEASE, NEED SOME HELP, THANKS!!!


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