Dell E4300 LCD Screen Repair


How to replace a LCD screen on a Dell E4300 Laptop

I purchased the replacement screen from The price was good, and shipping was reasonable. I had my new screen in just a few days, and it was an exact match. There are 2 types of screens for this model laptop, be sure to check if you need the CCFL backlight, or the LED backlight. How do you know? Take your screen off, and if it has 2 connectors (a ribbon cable and a 2 wire power cable), it is CCFL. If only one ribbon cable, it is an LED.

Replacing this screen is VERY easy, and requires only a flat pry tool, and a small phillips head screw driver. Total repair time is about 5 minutes.

1) Remove the battery, and unplug any power sources. This is important, as you don’t want to short anything out.
2) Remove the plastic bezel from the front of the LCD screen housing by using a flat prying tool around the outside of the screen. The bezel will pop loose very easily. Start in the middle on either the right or left side of the screen housing.
3) Remove the 4 screws positioned at each corner of the LCD screen
4) Remove the 2 slide rails from the right and left side of the LCD screen
5) Pull the LCD screen off of the LCD housing, and fold down to get access to the ribbon cable, then disconnect the ribbon cable by pulling gently on the blue plastic tab connected to the LCD. Be sure to pull on the blue tab of the connector block only. Do no pull on the ribbon cable intself (doing so could damabe the ribbon cable).
6) LCD screen is now free. Replace with the new LCD by first laying the new screen facedown over the keyboard.
7) Connect the new LCD screen to the ribbon cable, and then push the new LCD into the housing
8) Connect both left and right side rails. Each rail has 4 holes, 2 for the plastic guide posts on the LCD housing, and 2 for the screw holes. Make sure they are all line up correctly.
8) Add the 4 screws to each corner (black screws go on top, grey screws go on bottom)
9) Snap the bezel back into place. Start with the bottom portion first, them snap both sides into place, and then the top.
10) connect battery or power source


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  1. I fixed my Business Dell latitude E4300 I am keep on dropping it in my work bagThe LCD cracked I fixed it!

  2. My latitude e4310 screen is broken but m not getting the spare screen in India , so Can I use e4300's screen on my e4310 laptop??? Thanks

  3. This was great…easiest steps ever. I saw a couple other videos that required taking out the keyboard and removing the wire from the mother board. Great job!


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