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This Instrumental is produced by Ganga Beats.

You can get this hip-hop instrumental and many more available at


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CREDITS: Struggle Jennings, Zarcort, Jamie Madrox ( Twiztid) Majik Ninja Entertainment, Gorilla Voltage, B Mike, Kronno Zomber, Doble Cero, LOAM, Rico-one, Shorty (CRO), Smiiffy, Ser-G, Kondix, Reman, Eightz, Ace Swiftshooter, Jacob, Grumpy & Chely, Illy Rap, Amped Airsoft, Champions Productions (Boxing channel)…

Studio Equipment:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Alesis io2
Alesis m1activemk2
M- audio KeyRig49
Ibanez (acoustic & electric)
Fender (electric bass)
SE Electronics X-1

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10 Replies to “Country Hick Hop Beat "Savior" FREE DOWNLOAD 2019”

  1. I know that a lot of you guys are following me because of hick-hop beats. Sorry for not being so active with them lately, l'm trying be versatile as much as l can. Here is one of them for you! 😀 Get it at

  2. yo. this beat is awesome. i wrestle for gts wrestling. we hve entrance songs that play for a few seconds. b4 n after we win our match. i really like this beat would i be allowed to download n use for free? since we aint using this to make money.

  3. I'm down in my pain/
    On my knees while I drown in the rain/
    I don't sound the same/
    I feel lost trying to find myself/
    Unfortunately there's no time for help/

    That boat done sailed away/ I'm in hell today/
    Locked forever in this cell I stay/
    There is no bail to pay/
    The only way is to pray and be well and brave/

    It's ok/
    It's alright/
    One day I'm going to see the light/
    Cos I know the Lord see my fight/
    He goin let me eat at night/ if I need some rice/
    Or I need a slice/

    I used to have to slice just to feed on rice/
    The Lord is my crutch/
    Yeah a need a vice/
    At one point in my life I needed advice/

    But I didn't have a father/ That's a common problem/ And we got to solve it/
    And you know what it is though/
    We gotta let our kids grow/ Or one day they might just end up on a skid row/
    With no real friends though/

    Bunch of pretendos smoking indo/
    I want my future to win yo/
    I'm gone with the wind flow/


  4. Hella smooth 🔥. Does using this mean I can't use AdSense on vid . Just asking cause I'm new to vids and do not want to overstep or irritate anyone with my ignorance . I know I'm not supposed to use to gain money or steal it saying it's my beat would never do that would always give credit cause u damn sure deserve it 💯. I don't want to use gain , but like beats a lot . I was in band in school for long time and your music flows nice to me.

  5. I love the swing on the drums.
    Most people don’t notice that but that’s something people should give respect to.

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