Comparison between the Dell Latitude E6420 and the Dell Latitude E5420


Made this video to document the differences between two somewhat popular business class laptops in the used laptop market. Both are pretty solid machines but unless the E5420 is dirt cheap I’d try and get a E6420.

I picked up this Dell Latitude E5420 to either part out or fix up. I won it in an auction on eBay for a whopping $65 which I figured was pretty much worth the screen and CPU so I jumped on it. I did end up parting it out sadly but made a good profit like I intended so either way I’m happy and I got a video out of it too for you guys! Poor laptop only had 6 full days of use before getting fucked over by a drop or so according to the hard drives hour usage (original drive).

E5420 Specs before I parted it:
2.3GHz Intel Core i5
4GB Ram
250GB hard drive
“Travel Light” module instead of DVD drive (probably to save money)


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