Blake Lively Gives Emotional Speech on Child Pornography


Actress Blake Lively, one of Variety’s Power of Women: New York honorees, got emotional during her speech Friday at the annual luncheon.

Actress Blake Lively, one of Variety’s Power of Women: New York honorees, got emotional during her speech Friday at the annual luncheon.

“I would do anything to protect them, I would literally die for them without a moment’s thought,” Lively said of her two daughters.

Introduced by actress Salma Hayek, Lively spoke of her work with Child Rescue Coalition, which seeks to eradicate child pornography from the Internet, as well as examples of the horrors of exploitation of trafficking of child pornography.

“I didn’t really know what child pornography as,” she told the audience. “I was afraid to ask what it was, as a mother, because it would be painful to hear. But I felt I had to ask, and I wanted to share with you. It is the truth, and I believe if we all knew this, we would dedicate much more of ourselves to stopping it.”


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  1. She's beyond right. Donald Trump took down the dark web when he came into office. I'm sure they keep on coming up. They have to eradicate these people from This Earth

  2. This is so brave of her. She stood up and spoke out against sexual acts against minors on front of a crowd that some of which have been directly linked to child abuse! So I give her props👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. This is pure evil. Man if I’d ever see someone hurting a child/ infant I’d bloody kill them in an instant. I can’t think of anything more evil than this, how on earth can someone do things this evil to another human being?! Let a alone an innocent defenseless child. My heart cries. 😭😭😭😤😡

  4. I think people that trade child pornography should have life in prison along side rapists, paedofiles and animal cruelty predators 😡😡🤬🤬

  5. When she said: “infant with umbilical cord” I lost it and started crying. It is so saddening and disappointed the cruel world we live in…

  6. Mel Gibson openly talked about pedos and satanisnt in Hollywood. so did Robert Downey Jr. Ricky Gervais mentioned it at an award ceremony. he wasn't joking that time.

  7. I'm really excited about the pedos in Hollywood getting arrested. Many people have been named like Tom Hanks, Seth Green, Ellen D, Madonna, David Space, Meryl Streep, Cindy Crawford of all people, Patton Oswald, Courtney Love, Clintons, big list of names. For months we are told they will be. If its all a lie then who ever said their names should be in trouble right? Well none of them have been addressed. Suspects have all ignored it or barely addressed it. Time will tell but its no secret Hollywood is evil and abuses children for different reasons: sexual, ADRENOCHROME, ritual sacrifice.

  8. The hollywood elite are the ones who really control the pedophilia and sex trafficking, just remember that… Blake Lively who is part of the same class of people. Don't be naive, ladies and gents, these people virtue signal to get brownie points, that's it.

  9. You all realize all these people including Blake Lively are part of the elite and do all these sex trafficking of small children, right? They're all hypocrites and just want to virtue signal to make themselves look good. They're all bad people.

  10. ABUSERS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP !! Just like a murderer child and animal abusers murder the soul of children and animals . Please world help to raise your voice ! This has to stop ! Save the children our future generations

  11. And all these ppl are the deep state.. And also important ppl that we see on tv.. Those are the sick ppl doing that.

  12. Who the hell does this? Seriously babies still with umbilical cords, WTH is wrong with people. And why are the mothers allowing this

  13. I hope she can be brave enough to lock away her fellow peers in Hollywood that are out rightly abusing children. ‘Haven’t weinstein’ was not a secret everybody knew same as Epstein there plenty of A listers that need to be stop and let’s not even begin on the politicians. It’s sad but true. Use your voice for those in the famous circle!

  14. Sinead O Connor denunció abuso infantil a principios de los 90s mientras decía "enfrenten al verdadero enemigo" en un programa en USA y fue abucheada luego en un concierto tributo por el público estadounidense y tratada de loca. Décadas más tarde muchísimas condenas a integrantes de la iglesia llegaron, muy tarde, pero llegaron. Sinead merece una disculpa.

  15. This is the type of rude awakening some parents need. I cried watching this video as Blake explained the terminology and disturbing action done to children. This is absolutely horrifying to think that something like this can happen to anyone, even worse to an innocent child.

  16. Stop voting in Democrats. They want open borders. Open borders equates to easier access for sex traffickers. We need stronger border control in the south. Majority of victims are coming in from South America and Mexico! Majority of those children have no idea they are being lied to!

  17. I wanted to ask you guys . do you think that people who partake in these heinous crimes should be majorly considered to have the death penalty as I talked to someone who said maybe give the perpetrators of these crimes rehabilitation . however i believe that they forfeit their right to live amongst us in the community so if not the death penalty then a lengthy sentence like 100 years ..

  18. I’m so happy she talked about this. I do fear there’s a lot of evil undercurrents in Hollywood, and I know child abuse is still one of them. So for someone like Blake to speak up about it means the world.

  19. People who are being trafficked and get pregnant, not their fault BUT seriously, if you will not kill the kid knowing what might happen to them then you are sick and responsible too.

  20. Do not say people "can't protect" their kids, on my comment, one simple reason is, as long as they are in the womb, they have the power. Kill the kids rather than making them have that kinda life which is gonna kill more lives than theirs. Seriously.

  21. is there anything I can do to help? like somewhere I can donate money to or something? cause this is disgusting and needs to stop

  22. Its illegal to watch or do such things. Children are like innocent and naive like butterflies and its actually disgusting knowing there are twisted ppl. I have a couple of nieces and I wouldn't ever want that to happen to them, no one does. It just proves how humanity is being destroyed. The only way the world could help is by donating money or signing petitions.
    We need to act now!


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