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A genius level high school student makes money after developing elaborate methods to help other students cheat.



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26 Replies to “Bad Genius 2017 (Thai) Movie Explain in Hindi”

  1. Bohot achha story hai ye. Is kahani k zariye se ye v dikhaya gya hai ki hume kavi lalach nhi karni chahiye. Great movie and great explanation. 👍

  2. Bollywood mein bhi banta hey bhai SETTERS Movie dekho is movie ke saath comparable nahin hey,but us level ka hey.Aap sirf so called superstars ke bharose rahoge toh keisa hoga.

  3. I like the way when u say"dhatt abhi tak gold me he hum to ACE me he"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Im also in ACE..LOL

  4. Bollywood ko inse sikhna chahiye 1 student ke upar kis prakar se movie bnate hain… Ye nahi ki Sirf love story hi bnao… Smart movie aur story koi inse bnana sikhe.

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