Adam and Eve 3 – Game Walkthrough (full)


Follow the funny love story of Adam and Eve for the third time in this puzzle game. Go help Adam find his true love here in Adam & Eve 3! The story now is that Adam is trying to find Eve again. You will face lots of dinosaurs, tribes. Your main objective here is very similar to your previous adventure. You must interact with the objects in each level in order to complete it. Click on the objects and see what happens. You must try to think what is needed or what is supposed to be done to help Adam.


Adam and Eve 3 picks up where the second game left off. Just like the start of the second game, Adam’s Eve is asleep. Adam is either bored or smells the air for food. He’s still in Egypt but along the way he passes through different areas seeing dinosaurs as well as a lot of different things along the way. We aren’t really sure as to what is luring Adam until the end which we saw it’s his Eve at least the third one.


Adam and Eve 3 utilize the same art style and visual presentation from the first 3 games. The art has that comical feel to it mixing with cartoon elements. The art has gotten better from the first two games but there are still the staple styles from the first two games. It’s still bright and colorful as well as the animation is fluent. The background and foreground materials are also moving really nice. The music of the game has that campy and jolly feel to it. It’s a good music to listen to when you would want to relax and soothe yourself while playing. The overall aesthetics of the game are all good but nothing truly special of course.


Adam and Eve 3 is a point and click and adventure game. The concept of a point and click game is to point on the level and things will happen. Clicking and pointing on different things on the level will make things happen. Adam and Eve’s story progresses in a linear fashion from start to finish. The players or Adam is in an area where the player has to solve a puzzle. The puzzle will vary but the objective is to solve the puzzle so that Adam will move forward to the next level. You have to keep in mind that different puzzle points will vary for each level. If you can’t solve the puzzle then you can’t progress. There is also no restart or redo button so if you’re stuck for the moment then think on where you would want to click next. There could be times where you have to click the same area over and over again or after another action has been made. The good thing is that there is no touch move situation here. That means you won’t be committing an error so you won’t need a restart button. You just need to click on different areas to know what will happen next. Adam won’t die so there’s no need to worry about it. The difficulty level can vary per level and it doesn’t get harder as the level progresses. You just need to be creative and patient when playing the game. You have to also check the most minor details of each level. Just like pressing on a little speck that will make something pop out or happen. In the end Adam gets his third Eve and well they live happily ever after, for the most part.


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