Adam and Eve 3 (Flash Game) – Full Game HD Walkthrough – No Commentary


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This is a fun, mostly child-friendly flash game franchise that requires the player to solve puzzles and ofcourse, find Eve. I really enjoyed playing these!

Free-to-play game link:

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Description: This is the third and last episode of the Adam and Eve series. Adam gets a little naughty; he wants to seek the third Eve! Maybe that is because of the love letter he received? Anyway, as a good friend, you must help him on his journey. Escape from the castle and enter a dangerous cave full of monsters and traps. You need to solve each area’s puzzle before you can proceed to the next one. Some of the puzzles are straightforward and some require more thinking, so always pay attention to the tiny details. Can you successfully help Adam for the third time? Have fun! You can play there previous episode here.

Release Dates – October 2017 (unconfimed)
Genre – Adventure, Point-and-Click (Flash Game)
Platforms – Windows
Developer – FastGames.Com
Publisher – FastGames.Com

My Xbox360 gamertag: Shad0wx54x

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